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Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki J-Series: Counterbalanced Demo Driver Golf Shaft (High-Launch Low-Spin)

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    Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series Golf Shaft Review

    I. Who is the Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series Golf Shaft For: 

    This tour-proven high-launching low-spinning premium design golf shaft is for the sophisticated player looking for a first-in-class product that integrates the best innovation and technology brought to you from a company that is committed to every step of the manufacturing process! The Mitsubishi Diamana J-Series golf shaft is the 4th generation of the widely successful Fubuki Alpha, and has been seen in the driver of Phil Mickelson for several years! Players with moderate tempos, mid/late releases, moderate swing speeds, desiring a high-launching bend profile, low spin rates, want to get a towering trajectory will benefit from this shaft! The Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series has fit phenomenally into a number of PGA Tour, NCAA, and competitive golfers looking for a high-launching bend profile and tight responsive feel!

    II. What Do I Need to Know About the Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series Golf Shaft:

    This shaft accomplishes something no other shaft in the market can claim, and that is multiple (two) bend points, which in-turn produce its high launching capabilities. We’ve always joked that the Fubuki J is the Bruce Lee of golf shafts in the sense that it hits you twice before you even know it: pow pow! The ultra stiff tip section, reinforced by a tungsten mesh is what ensures a low spin effect, and results in the high-launching low spin driver shaft profile that many golfers seek for maximum distance! The Mitsubishi Fubuki J is built on the successful Fubuki profile and is known for being tight and stable through impact, all while producing a higher launch low-spin drive. The Fubuki J is also counter-balanced, with a tungsten mesh integrated into the graphite of the handle section of the golf shaft. This compliments well with many of today’s heavier low-spin driver heads and/or those golfers who like to play a longer than standard length and need to counter-balance the swing-weight, making the driver more manageable through the swing.

    The overarching theme of this golf shaft is one of peak performance integrated into a tour-proven premium level design. What is great about the Fubuki J-Series is that it offers the coveted high-launch low-spin profile that many golfers seek and it does so in an innovative and modern design. The Fubuki J is also offered in a full gamete of weight options making it a strong candidate for those wanting consistency through their fairway woods and driver. We’ve seen many players seeking ultimate distance performance in their 3- and 5-wood off the tee move to this shaft.  

    Player Profile: Tempo: smooth, Transition: moderate, Release: mid, Swing Speed: fast, Trajectory: high, Spin: low.

    III. Other Golf Shafts to Compare to the Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series Golf Shaft:

    -Graphite Design Tour AD DI

    -Graphite Design Tour AD TP

    -Oban Kiyoshi Purple

    IV. Additional Information About the Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series Golf Shaft:

    This golf shafts is a perfect example of the coveted high-launching low-spinning bend profile, and will benefit players looking to get their ball up in the air with driver or 3-wood. In our personal experience, this is one of the best in class shafts for its profile and if you are looking for cutting-edge engineering, innovation, and technology: look no further!

    General Swing Speed Recommendation: Regular (R): 81-90mph, Stiff (S): 91-105mph, X-Stiff (X): 106+mph. 

    V. Summary: 

    If you want to experience the only double kicking high-launching, low-spinning counter-balanced golf shaft on the market, this you got to try!

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    1. Very Stable Shaft

      I tried several shafts with my Piing G400 head, and for me, I found this shaft to be my second place pick. This shaft with the counter-balance weighting, felt lighter than the all the others but one. The ball flight was very consistent, piercing, and never saw any ballooning. Distance was very good, and consistently ranked among the top. I felt Fubuki J at impact has a little harsher/stiffer feeling than the others, but definitely not obtrusive. I was able to get this combo on a monitor as well, and the spin numbers were very good, averaging between 2100- 2600, on a swing speed of 103-106 with a very slight upswing +.3.

      Shafts I tried were:
      AD BB 60 gm Stiff
      AD BB 60 gm Xstiff
      AD M9003 60 gm -Stiff
      Oban 60 gm-Stiff
      Project X T1000 60 gm 6.0

      I'm a single digit handicap, and have a tendency to be "handsie". I have a tendency to put higher spin rates than others of the same swing speed. This shaft did exactly what I wanted in terms of spin and trajectory. I only ranked it as my second favorite as i found another that was I was more consistent with in hitting fairways.
      on 14th Mar 2018

    2. Fubuki J 70g Stiff vs. Tour AD DI 7S

      First impression was the Fubuki felt much lighter than the DI in weight, upon swing it felt much more flexible too. I would have liked the DI to have this weight feel overall. It had a good feel under swing and noticed the bend was much higher in the shaft almost closer to the grip. like with was bending just below my hands and had a much more stable tip section quite a way up the shaft. It was easy to hit and control, but it just launched lower than my DI for me. As I was comparing it against the DI, I still like the feel and bend profile of my DI. Overall it was a great feeling, just not fitting my swing and launch numbers needed. Overall, worth a try for sure. on 29th Jun 2015

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