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Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange: Counterbalanced Demo Driver Golf Shaft (Low-Launch Low-Spin)

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    Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Golf Shaft Review

    I. Who is the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Golf Shaft For:

    This ultra-premium tour-proven low-launching low-spinning counter-balanced golf shaft is for the player looking for a Tour Level Performance golf shaft built on a platform that has stood the test of time and includes the latest in materials and design! The Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange is apart of the legendary Diamana White Board family profile (low-launch low-spin), which rose to cult following after Tiger Woods played it in his driver for several years! Utilizing a blend of 40-, 46-ton MR70 modulus graphite, strategic integration of titanium nickel (TiNi), Kevlar, and other strategically integrated materials for enhanced stability, this golf shaft creates phenomenal feel, stability, and performance. Players with faster tempos, late releases, moderate swing speeds, desiring a low-launching bend profile, low spin rates, want to get a penetrating trajectory will benefit from this golf shaft! The Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange has fit phenomenally into a number of PGA Tour, NCAA, and competitive golfers looking for a low-launching bend profile and tight responsive feel!

    II. What Do I Need to Know About the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Golf Shaft:

    This is the current (2018) driver shaft for Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and countless other PGA Tour players, regardless; it is a no-nonsense low-launching low spin counter-balanced driver shaft that has a smooth and non-harsh feel to it. The counter-balancing architecture allows for seamless utilization of today’s heavier low-spin driver heads. The distinguishing element that calls attention to this shaft is the flawless integration to many of today’s low-spin driver heads. If you’re playing the Taylormade M1 or M3, you are in for a real treat! Definitely one of our favorite driver shafts!

    The overarching theme of this golf shaft is one of peak performance integrated into a tour-proven premium level design that marries flawlessly into many of todays low-spin driver heads. What is great about the Mitsubishi CK Pro Orange golf shaft is that it is a perfect golf shaft for the driver and then accompanies the CK Pro White shaft for the 3-wood. This shaft has taken the pro tour by storm!

    Player Profile: Tempo: fast, Transition: aggressive, Release: late, Swing Speed: fast, Trajectory: low/mid, Spin: low.

    III. Other Golf Shafts to Compare to the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Golf Shaft:

    -Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XT

    -Fujikura Speeder Evolution 661 Tour Spec

    -Fujikura Speeder Pro Tour Spec

    -Graphite Design Tour AD BB

    -Project X HZRDUS T1100

    -Project X HZRDUS Black

    -Oban Devotion

    -Oban Kiyoshi Black

    IV. Additional Information About the Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Orange Golf Shaft:

    This golf shaft is the answer for someone looking for the best counter-balanced low-launching low-spinning golf shaft that will help produce laser-like penetrating shots with the driver. In our personal experience, this golf shaft fits perfect with the Taylormade M1 and M3 driver heads.

    General Swing Speed Recommendation: Regular (R): 81-90mph, Stiff (S): 91-105mph, Tour X-Stiff (TX): 106+mph.

    V. Summary:

    If you want to experience the ultimate low-launch low-spin golf shaft that will make your low-spin driver head sing, the Mitsubishi CK Pro Orange has some of the best players on the planet using it, and there is no reason you shouldn’t try it either!

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    1. Very smooth golf shaft

      I found this shaft to play and feel very solid but not overly boardy. With a 105 swing speed I really didn’t turn it over. Left misses were slightly pulled but never overdrawn. The misses right would overfade but never lost any real distance. This is a solid performer. on 15th Mar 2019

    2. Smoothest tour x shaft ever

      Thoroughly enjoyed hitting the tensei orange, very stable but never felt overly boardy or difficult to load. Tried it in ping g400 series. Love the shaft, ping has great products but didn’t get gain over my current driver. Would highly recommend shaft shack, great experience overall. on 18th Jul 2018

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