How it Works

I. Shaft Rental/Demo:

At we want everyone to enjoy the great game of golf and have fun testing the industry's best equipment. To facilitate this, we've created a rental program so that everyone can experience the industry's best:

  1. Set up an account and agree to the Rental/Demo Terms of Service during the checkout process. Remember, this is a legally binding contract, so be sure to read, understand, and agree to all of it before proceeding. We'll process your order and send the shafts and everything you'll need to connect the shafts to your driver head. Note: your driver head must be one with an adjustable hosel, please see the list of conforming heads by clicking on the Driver Head Adapter Guide
  2. Select the shaft(s) and required Head Adapter (for the head you plan to use) from the "Shafts for Demo" tab. Note: A total of 8 shafts is the limit per order.
  3. Play the shafts The rental period starts the day after you receive the package or the day after the first delivery attempt is made. All packages will be sent with tracking, and will require signature confirmation, so please plan accordingly. After this period, send everything back to us in the same condition it was received. We'll include a return-shipping label in the package we'll be sending you. For more details, see the Rental Shipping and Returns page. If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us at your earliest convenience; we’re happy to help!

Here is the link to our Picture Tutorial in the event you want to download a copy to help show you how to assemble your Rental Shafts to your driver head. A copy will also be provided in the package we send out to you.

II. Shaft Purchase:

Now that you've been able to test the industry' best, here is your chance to purchase 100% authentic from an Authorized Dealer.

  1. Select the shaft(s) you are interested in purchasing from the "Shafts for Purchase" tab. Be sure to select all the options. An adapter and grip must also be purchased and installed for us to complete the order, per manufacturer's agreement.
  2. Utilize any coupon codes you might have received from the rental process or otherwise.
  3. Enjoy the great game of golf with your new sticks!

     It's that simple!

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