About Us

Dear Golf Enthusiast,

Here at we love golf, and we know you do too. With that, we also love testing the golf industry's finest equipment. Our mission is simple: Enable our customers the opportunity to experience the industry's finest equipment, first-hand! It's one thing to see guys on tour crushing 300+ yard drives with these ultra-premium shafts on TV, read about them online, or even try them on a launch-monitor indoors with someone watching over your shoulder. But it's a totally different thing to be able to experience these shafts out in the real world--the only place where you're truly going to determine if a piece of golf equipment works for you! The principle is simple: Try before you buy! You wouldn't let a car salesman tell you what kind of car you should buy, or sell you a car you haven't already test-driven on the road. So why would you let someone tell you what golf shaft to buy? You know what feels right when you hit it. So go out there for yourself, and see if it produces the REAL results you're looking for! That's the way. 






The Team