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Oban Kiyoshi Purple: Demo Driver Golf Shaft

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    Oban Kiyoshi Purple Golf Shaft Review

    I. Who is the Oban Kiyoshi Purple Golf Shaft For:

    The Kiyoshi Purple is a premium boutique golf shaft is for the serious golfer looking to experience the most exotic and cutting edge performance in a high-launching low-spinning profile. The Kiyoshi line is Oban’s flagship offering and has been making its way from quiet exclusivity to the mainstream as its exposure on tour has exploded in the last few years! The Kiyoshi Purple takes no exception. Players with moderate tempos, mid/early releases, moderate swing speeds, desiring a high-launching bend profile, low spin rates, and want to get a towering trajectory and maximized distance will benefit from this golf shaft! The Oban Kiyoshi Purple has fit phenomenally into a number of PGA Tour, NCAA, and competitive golfers looking for a tour proven bend profile and tight responsive feel!

    II. What Do I Need to Know About the Oban Kiyoshi Purple Golf Shaft:

    Here at we are super proud to now offer Oban premium golf shafts, which until now, have only been made available at select boutique course-only golf shops. Made exclusively in Japan, the Oban brand is synonymous with the highest level of craftsmanship, materials, and design, sparing no detail when it comes to quality and performance. The Oban Kiyoshi Purple is Oban’s flagship high-launch low-spin shaft. When compared to other shafts in this profile, golfers will notice a smooth whip like transition and a hard stable kick through impact to maximize distance.

    The overarching concept of this golf shaft is one of peak performance integrated into a tour-proven premium level design. The Oban Kiyoshi Purple is offered in the full range of weight options making it a strong candidate for those wanting consistency throughout their driver and fairways woods. This shaft has been seen in the bags of many PGA tour players over the years!

    Player Profile: Tempo: smooth, Transition: moderate, Release: mid/early, Swing Speed: moderate, Trajectory: high low, Spin: low.

    III. Other Golf Shafts to Compare to the Oban Kiyoshi Purple Golf Shaft:

    -Graphite Design Tour AD DI

    -Graphite Design Tour AD TP

    -Mitsubishi Fubuki J-Series

    IV. Additional Information About the Oban Kiyoshi Purple Golf Shaft:

    This golf shaft is unique in its feel to the other Oban Kiyoshi shafts in the sense that it has a profound kick through impact with a stable low-spin tip section that creates a towering trajectory. The Oban Kiyoshi Purple was designed to compete with the Graphite Design AD DI and Fubuki J-Series, so if you have heard good things about one of these shafts, make sure you try them all before making a decision.

    General Swing Speed Recommendation: Regular (R): 81-90mph, Stiff (S): 91-105mph, X-Stiff (X): 106+mph.

    V. Summary:

    If you want to experience one of the most exotic boutique level brands, and achieve the coveted high-launch and low-spin ball for maximum distance, the Oban Kiyoshi Purple should definitely be on your list!

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    1. Oban Kyoshi Purple

      The Oban Kyoshi Purple plays exactly as advertised, a high ball flight with a smooth feel I found the spin to be higher (around 3100 with a 110 mph swing speed) than I required. The O5 flex kicks less than the 04 but feels stable a smooth throughout the swing. on 7th Jun 2019

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