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Graphite Design Tour AD TP: High-Launch & Mid-Spin Demo Driver Golf Shaft

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    Graphite Design Tour AD TP (Tour Proven) Golf Shaft Review

    I. Who is the Graphite Design Tour AD TP Golf Shaft For:

    This golf shaft is for the player who is seeking a premium quality high-launching low-spin shaft with the ultra smooth and tight feel that has become uniquely associated with the newer generation of Graphite Design’s Tour AD golf shafts. This golf shaft profile fits into a majority of golf swings for players who have smooth tempos, a mid release, fast swing speeds, desire a higher launching bend profile, with ultra low spin rates, who want tomaximize carry distance, and get fantastic roll out, and who know and love the smooth signature feel of a Graphite Design golf shaft!

    II. What Do I Need to Know About the Graphite Design Tour AD TP Golf Shaft: 

    In 2017 the best just got better! After years of player feedback from both touring pros and serious golfers, tons of research and development, Graphite Design integrated the industry’s highest quality graphite (Torray T1100 90-ton) with its proven Nanoalloy 50-ton blend to create what has been considered by many to be the ultimate tighter version” of the Graphite Design Tour AD DI, giving us the TP (Tour Proven)! This shaft has a similar bend profile to the DI, but will require a little more effort to load and as a result have a little less kick through impact, but still deliver that high-launch ultra low-spin for a penetrating trajectory and maximum carry distance for the stronger golfer who wants to take their game to the next level!

    What sets this golf shaft apart from others in the same category (high-launch, low-spin) is the tight and smooth feel that is unique to the newer Graphite Design Tour AD shafts!

    Player Profile: Tempo: smooth, Transition: agressive, Release: mid, Swing Speed: fast, Trajectory: high, Spin: low.

    III. Other Golf Shafts to Compare to the Graphite Design Tour AD TP Golf Shaft:

    -Graphite Design Tour AD DI

    -Mitsubishi Fubuki J

    -Oban Kiyoshi Purple

    IV. Additional Information About the Graphite Design Tour AD TP Golf Shaft:

    The integration of aerospace grade 90-ton modulus graphite has revolutionized the technical capabilities of golf shaft design and engineering. If you love the Graphite Design AD DI, but need something a little more responsive that doesn’t feel as “whippy” when you push on the gas, the TP will do the trick!

    General Swing Speed Recommendation: Regular (R1): 86-95mph, Stiff-Regular (SR): 92-98mph, Stiff (S): 96-105mph, X-Stiff (X): 105+mph, 

    V. Summary:

    Designed for the player who has a stronger swing and wants to feel in control of a golf shaft that will promote a high launch and low spin profile for maximum carry and driver distance!

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    1. Immediate results, glad I tried it.

      I currently play a 70gram Tensei CK Pro. The shaft has always felt too heavy. After finding out my driver was 343 grams, I tried this on a whim for a trip to Florida. I’m glad I did. Normal carry distance for me with the Tensei is about 215-230. It was raining all weekend and almost every drive plugged. Even so, I was easily carrying this 15 yards more... in the rain, at 1000ft lower elevation. The occasional and unexpected fade is also gone. I can work it left, I can work it right. After hitting down on one into the wind and watching it go a low, straight, drama free 240 yards, I ordered the same shaft in SR flex. My driver is no longer the problem. I can’t wait to play it. on 29th Aug 2018

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