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Graphite Design Tour AD MJ: Mid/Low-Launch & Low-Spin Demo Driver Golf Shaft

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    Graphite Design Tour AD MJ (Major Impact) Golf Shaft Review

    I. Who is the Graphite Design Tour AD MJ Golf Shaft For:

    The golf shaft is for the player who is seeking a premium quality mid-high launching and mid-spin shaft with the ultra smooth “glassy” feel that has become uniquely intertwined with Graphite Design’s Tour AD brand. This golf shaft profile fits into a majority of golf swings for players who have smooth tempos, a mid release, moderate swing speeds, desire a mid-high launching bend profile, with mid-spin rates, who want to maximize carry distance, and have the ability to work the ball flight, and who know and love the smooth signature feel of a Graphite Design golf shaft!

    II. What Do I Need to Know About the Graphite Design Tour AD MJ Golf Shaft: 

    The MJ is designed to get the ball up in the air and help add spin for those who need/want it! This is accomplished by promoting a mid-high launch angle and a mid spin tip section. The Graphite Design Tour AD MJ golf shaft is made of a premium proprietary 50-ton Nanoalloy graphite material that has given the Graphite Design Tour AD DI family its unique and signature feel! The bend profile is one where players will feel the shaft flex above and bellow the mid section, promoting a mid-high launch angle for maximizing carry distance, and a mid-stiff tip section that will help promote a mid ball spin effect for helping give loft on your drives, and allow for ease of shot workability. This golf shaft will nicely complement many of the super low-spin driver heads commonly seen today!

    What sets this golf shaft apart from others in the same category (mid-high launch, mid-spin) is the ultra smooth feel that is unique to the Graphite Design Tour AD brand, and effortless kick that occurs through impact, and ease of getting the ball in the air for those who already hit with low spin.

    Player Profile: Tempo: smooth, Transition: moderate, Release: mid, Swing Speed: moderate, Trajectory: mid-high, Spin: mid.

    III. Other Golf Shafts to Compare to the Graphite Design Tour AD MJ Golf Shaft:

    -Fujikura Speeder Evolution I

    -Fujikura Pro

    -Fujikura Speeder Pro

    -Fujikura Speeder Platinum

    -Mitsubishi B-Series

    -Mitsubishi BF-Series

    -Project X HZRDUS Yellow

    -Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited

    -Veylix Alpina

    IV. Additional Information About the Graphite Design Tour AD MJ Golf Shaft:

    The MJ has a very smooth load and release to it, and a slightly softer tip section that will complement nicely with many of the super low-spin driver heads commonly played today! Players with relatively moderate tempos looking to maximize their drives and want to work the ball will benefit immensely from the Graphite Design Tour AD MJ golf shaft!

    General Swing Speed Recommendation: Regular (R1): 86-95mph, Stiff-Regular (SR): 92-98mph, Stiff (S): 96-105mph, X-Stiff (X): 105+mph, 

    V. Summary:

    If you love the uniquely smooth feel and high performance of Graphite Design golf shafts and want to maximize the carry distance on your drives with mid-high launch mid-spin and be able to work the ball with your low-spin driver head, this is the shaft for you!

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    1. Finalist in the Bake Off!

      I rented the Graphite Designs AD DI R-1, MJ R-1, and BB R-1 these shafts are all Transformational. The DI was the first one I tried in my Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver and I could tell from the first drive that I was entering a new dimension the feel was incredible, distance and ball speed were improved, and the shot dispersion was very good. I have never experience an improvement like this is 26 years of Golfing, I would recommend that you try one these shafts ASAP I have my testing narrowed down to the DI and the MJ even though I hit the BB the furthest. These shafts are the real deal I have played long enough to know you are not going to find a shaft like this in any OEM Driver. I feel like this is going to be the best investment I have ever made and Phil’s advice has been more than worth the price of the Shaft (Authenticity cannot be Bought) on 19th Nov 2015

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