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Graphite Design Tour AD DI: High-Launch & Low-Spin Demo Driver Golf Shaft

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    Graphite Design Tour AD DI (Deep Impact) Golf Shaft Review

    I. Who is the Graphite Design Tour AD DI Golf Shaft For:

    This golf shaft is for the player who is seeking a premium quality High-launching low-spin shaft with the ultra smooth “glassy” feel that has become uniquely intertwined with Graphite Design’s Tour AD brand. This golf shaft profile fits into a majority of golf swings for players who have smooth tempos, a mid release, moderate swing speeds, desire a higher launching bend profile, with ultra low spin rates, who want tomaximize carry distance, and get fantastic roll out, and who know and love the smooth signature feel of a Graphite Design golf shaft!

    II. What Do I Need to Know About the Graphite Design Tour AD DI Golf Shaft: 

    The DI is far and away the most popular golf shaft EVER made! While some might point out that the original Fujikura Speeder 757 was the first true premium golf shaft and Mitsubishi’s Blueboard and Whiteboard shafts the first to achieve cult following, the Graphite Design Tour AD DI is still actively competing in the market and breaking sales records to this day with no end in site! A lot of this is due impart to the fact that the DI’s bend profile fits 80 percent of golf swings and combined with that amazing Graphite Design feel and engineered performance designed to maximize carry distance! This is accomplished by promoting a higher launch angle and a low spin tip section. The Graphite Design Tour AD DI golf shaft is made of a premium proprietary 50-ton Nanoalloy graphite material that has given the Graphite Design Tour AD DI family its unique and signature feel! The bend profile is one where players will feel the shaft flex in the mid section, promoting a higher launch angle for maximizing carry distance, and the stiff tip section will help promote the ultra low ball spin effect for straighter drives, amazing feedback, stability on off-centered shots, and extra roll out on the fairway!

    What sets this golf shaft apart from others in the same category (high-launch, low-spin) is the ultra smooth feel that is unique to the Graphite Design Tour AD brand, effortless kick that occurs through impact, and that it has one of the most stable low-spinning tip sections of any premium level golf shaft manufacturer.

    Player Profile: Tempo: smooth, Transition: moderate, Release: mid, Swing Speed: moderate, Trajectory: high, Spin: low.

    III. Other Golf Shafts to Compare to the Graphite Design Tour AD DI Golf Shaft:

    -Graphite Design Tour AD TP

    -Mitsubishi Fubuki J

    -Oban Kiyoshi Purple

    IV. Additional Information About the Graphite Design Tour AD DI Golf Shaft:

    This orange shaft (also comes in black) was brought to iconic levels in 2010 after Tiger Woods began playing it along with the many other PGA tour players following suit. However, this shaft is not just for touring pros. The mid section bend profile and ultra stable low-spin tip section promotes a piercing and towering ball flight that maximizes carry distance, where the majority of golfers will benefit from. The DI has a very smooth “bullwhip” like load and release to it, which makes for effortless drives. Players with relatively moderate tempos looking to maximize their carry distance will benefit immensely from the Graphite Design Tour AD DI! A couple other golf shaft to seriously consider is the new Graphite Design Tour AD TP, which is considered a slightly “tighter” version of the DI, The Mitsubishi Fubuki J, which is a counterbalanced high launch low spin shaft that actually has two kick-points and tungsten mesh for stability, and the Oban Kiyoshi Purple, which is a slightly heavier more stable version of the DI.

    General Swing Speed Recommendation: Regular (R1): 86-95mph, Stiff-Regular (SR): 92-98mph, Stiff (S): 96-105mph, X-Stiff (X): 105+mph, 

    V. Summary:

    If you love the uniquely smooth feel and high performance of Graphite Design golf shafts and want to maximize the carry distance on your drives with a higher launch and lower spin, this is the shaft for you!

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    1. 15 extra yds!

      My husband got 15 extra yds from the first swing. If he is happy, I am happy:) on 13th Jun 2022

    2. Better dispersion and distance

      Of the 4 shafts that I demoed this shaft gave me very good dispersion and a gain of 20 yards. I have ordered one to replace the Kuro Kage Silver TiNi in my Taylormade M1 driver. I am 77 and ordered the R1. on 2nd Jun 2020

    3. Tour AD DI 6s

      Very stable and great feeling shaft throughout entire swing. This shaft definitely launches the ball high, but does not balloon. on 29th Jul 2019

    4. AD DI 6SR

      My review on this shaft will be short and to the point... I very rarely like to tinker with my clubs if Not needed, Although I have been struggling with my Driver to say the least. Partially my swing had a lot to do with it as well, However I knew that a better shaft would help me out as well. I had done some research on several shafts and I had even purchased a New Fujukura shaft several years ago but didn't like the feel on it. That said, I looked into Graphite Design shafts and just felt compelled to trying it out after reading up on it. Wow! Is all I can say... My dispersion area was reduced and the feel of it was smooth as butter. I really Enjoyed giving this shaft a run, And I am so satisfied with it that I will soon be purchasing one so that my game can improve off the Tee box. Thanks Phil on 30th Aug 2018

    5. A Great Shaft!

      I decided to purchase the Graphite Design AD DI 6x. The shaft is stable through impact with no twisting and goes in the direction your aiming off the tee. I'm consistently hitting more fairways. on 26th May 2017

    6. Worth the Hype!

      I see why plenty of pro golfers play with this shaft. Love the AD DI 7x. The shaft is stable at Impact no twisting. Nice ball flight for maximum distance. I will try the 50g and 65g version, before making my final decision on purchasing the AD DI brand. on 14th May 2017

    7. Tour AD DI

      Nice feeling shaft, Launched a little high but no ballooning......true to flex on 5th Aug 2016

    8. Transformational Performance

      I rented the Graphite Designs AD DI R-1, MJ R-1, and BB R-1 these shafts are all Transformational. The DI was the first one I tried in my Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver and I tell from the first drive I was entering a new dimension the feel was incredible, distance and ball speed were improved, and the shot dispersion was very good. I have never experience an improvement like this is 26 years of Golfing, I would recommend that you try one these shafts ASAP I have my testing narrowed down to the DI and the MJ even though I hit the BB the furthest. These shafts are the real deal I have played long enough to know you are not going to find one in any OEM Driver. I feel like this is going to be the best investment I have ever made and Phil’s advice has been worth the price of the Shaft. on 19th Nov 2015

    9. Renting shafts before buying is a great concept

      I was not sure which shaft would work best with my son's swing and the concept of a weekly rental was the perfect answer.

      We have tried several fittings over the years but we have rarely had success. We have had two problems with fittings. First, it heavily depends on how my son is swinging that day (or hour), which is usually an issue especially when he is hitting a lot of balls - even a zero handicap, like my son, has a variable swing day-to-day. Second, even if the swing is great during the fitting we have seen much different results once we get out on the course. His swing is different when he plays. Sometimes it is slower and smother when he is trying to hit a smaller target and sometimes it is much faster when he is trying to get over a long carry. We need to see how the shafts perform under actual playing conditions and you cannot replicate actual playing in a standard fitting. Unfortunately, I have had to adjust the clubs in his bag after every single fitting over the past 13 years and I have resorted to doing as much research as possible and then buying shafts to try out on the course, which can get very expensive. Renting is a much better idea.

      I rented the Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6 X-Stiff (6S) and the 7 Stiff (7S). I figured the 7S would work but we wanted to try them both out. The 7S was the better shaft on the driving range but when he took it out to the course the dispersion was higher than we wanted and the 6X was worse. I then rented the 7 X-stiff (7X), which turned out to be exactly what he needed. I am really glad that I rented these clubs first and tried them out for a week, otherwise, based on my research and guessing, I would have purchased the 7S, which would have been an expensive mistake.
      on 23rd Aug 2015

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