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Mitsubishi Rayon Grand Bassara: Demo Driver Golf Shaft (High-Launch Mid-Spin)

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    Mitsubishi Grand Bassara Golf Shaft Review

    I. Who is the Mitsubishi Grand Bassara Golf Shaft For:

    This ultra premium level golf shaft is for the golfer seeking maximum speed and performance! Mitsubishi has created the two lightest weight high performance golf shafts on the market today! Weighing in at 29 and 39 grams respectively, this ultra lightweight golf shaft will help you maximize your swing speed and find the distance your deserve! The Grand Bassara integrates the best innovation, technology, and materials to accomplish unprecedented performance, brought to you from a company that is involved at every step of the manufacturing process! The Mitsubishi Grand Bassara golf shaft is built on the Bassara platform and aims to help benefit players seeking a high-launch and high-spin profile. Players with moderate tempos, mid-early releases, moderate swing speeds, who want to get the ball high in the air and be in control of the golf swing throughout, will enjoy this marvel of a golf shaft! The Mitsubishi Grand Bassara has fit phenomenally into a number of competitive golfers seeking to maximize their driving distance with the help of superior stability and performance engineering!

    II. What Do I Need to Know About the Mitsubishi Grand Bassara Golf Shaft:

    The Grand Bassara pushes the envelope of golf shaft capabilities and engineering, becoming the lightest high performance golf shaft ever! This is accomplished by utilizing a proprietary ultra light and ultra strong high modulus graphite made in-house by Mitsubishi called MR70, resulting in a 20% stronger and 10% higher energy return to comparable materials. With the highest rigor of quality control and tolerances, you can be assured you are getting the very best Mitsubishi has to offer. The active tip section offers increased ball spin to help generate loft and allow for workability. The ultra smooth load and release of the Grand Bassara’s bend profile will help get the ball up in the air like no other with it’s higher launch!

    The overarching theme of this golf shaft is one of peak performance accomplished by increased swing speed from the ultra premium lightweight design for higher launch and spin. 

    Player Profile: Tempo: moderate, Transition: moderate, Release: mid-early, Swing Speed: moderate, Trajectory: high, Spin: high.

    III. Other Golf Shafts to Compare to the Mitsubishi Grand Bassara Golf Shaft:

    -Graphite Design Tour AD MT

    -Fujikura Speeder Platinum

    -Oban Kiyoshi Gold

    -Veylix Alpina

    IV. Additional Information About the Mitsubishi Grand Bassara Golf Shaft:

    This golf shaft accomplishes unprecedented reduction in weight for increased swing speeds through utilization of ultra light and enhanced materials. And because of this there is no extra stiff flex available. From our experience, this is one of the best in class golf shafts for its high launch high spin profile and if you are looking for the best engineering, technology, and materials: look no further!

    General Swing Speed Recommendation: Regular (R): 81-90mph, Stiff (S): 91-105mph.

    V. Summary:

    If you want to experience the lightest, yet stable and powerful, golf shaft on the market to help get maximum swing speed and distance, look no further!

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    1. Shaft Shack is a great asset

      I rented the Grand Bassara 29 shaft and tried it in the M6 driver over 3 days. Unfortunately Shaft Shack did not have the adapter for the Wilson driver I wanted to test the shaft with. However I was satisfied with the increased performance with the M6 so that I will purchase one and put it in my Wilson (favorite) driver. I was hoping for a higher launch and any more distance would be welcome also. I got both.
      Shaft Shack is a wonderful way to experience a shaft without having to risk a purchase
      on 9th Jul 2019

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