Golf is Hard!!! The More Informative, is Not!

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Hi Golf Enthusiasts,

Anybody remember this old Nike Golf commercial where Tiger Woods explains the "simplicity" of the golf swing?

Funny, right? Partly because it's true! And so it got us thinking. As a primarily internet-based ecommerce business, we've come to the realization that despite living in this technologically advanced era, we are still in a world where not a lot of things are exactly intuitive and there is a lot of conflicting and poorly explained information muddying the waters. Which is even further confusing, because, isn't technology supposed to make life easier and more productive? And let's face it, the world of golf, golf shafts, golf equipment, golf instruction, and all other things golf, is no simple voyage to navigate on its own, let alone via this thing called the internet...

So in 2019 we are making a sincere effort and commitment to make and the world of golf, hopefully easier to navigate. We are in the midst of making improvements to the website, creating an up-to-date youtube channel, and posting content on our facebookinstagramtwitterblog pages that will hopefully be useful and entertaining. So please subscribe or like those pages to get that content that will be out shortly. Also, if there is any topics or things you think would be of value or should be discussed in these arenas, please send us a note or leave a comment! We love to hear from you! In the end, it's all about you, and we really want you to be the ones to enjoy and play better golf!

Because, yes, Tiger Woods, "we can all be better." ;-)

Hope that helps!


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