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Dear Golf Enthusiasts and Loyal Customers,

So here we are in our 3rd year of operation!!! And I have to say we’ve come a long way and learned a lot, with a lot more still to come! With that, you might be wondering, why has it taken this long to write its first ever blog post? Simple, we didn’t know or think it would be all that valuable to our customers. We figured the majority of our customers were guys who already knew exactly what they wanted and were already well versed on the topic of golf shaft engineering, golf shaft materials, and golf shaft technology. And really, the only missing link was the ability to actually experience/demo these products in question. And that’s where the demo program essentially bridges the gap. But what we’ve also come to realize is that there truly is an overwhelming number and flux of products on the market and confusing information floating around the internet. And for anyone, this can be a pretty daunting (and exciting) journey to navigate. Plus, the educational component can easily run over our heads. Ultimately we want this blog to be informative, fun, and interactive. With that being said: we want to hear from you! If there is a question about a particular product, brand, or golf fitting theory—please ask or comment! You are just as valuable to the conversation as anyone. And I think part of what makes golf so great, and such a challenge, is that all of our experiences and perspectives are unique and valuable. Really, there is no “one size fits all” in the great game of golf, just like no single golf swing is the same. The reason I created was to help make this game more enjoyable by making it easier for people to experience the world’s best equipment first hand. I hope that this blog will be another way to help make the game more enjoyable, by discussing the ever-important golf shaft or “transmission” (not the engine) of the golf swing and all other things related to golf! In the next blog I’ll discuss why I refer to the golf shaft as the “transmission” of the golf swing and help shed some light on the basic elements of shaft fitting. Eventually, I would also like to start getting some of the manufacturers involved in Q&A so that they can answer any questions you may have that I can’t. And if there are any suggestions or requests on your part, please chime in; you’re just as valuable to the experience as anyone!

Thanks for reading!


Phil W.

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